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Wai Ji Christian Service is a social service agency subvented by the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department. By Jesus Christ's love, we provide a wide range of services to people with intellectual or other kinds of disabilities so as to take care of their needs in a holistic way and enable them to develop their potentials and make contributions to the society.


Formerly known as Kowloon Union Church Wai Ji Training Centre, our Agency was established by a group of members of the Kowloon Union Church in 1979 to minister to the needs of people with intellectual disabilities in the society. Initially, a half-day training service was provided on the church premises. In 1984, the Agency received subvention from the Social Welfare Department and relocated the centre to Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon with a whole-day training service.


The services of our Agency grew continuously with time. At present, we provide day activity centre, hostel, sheltered workshop, supported employment, integrated rehabilitation services centre, community support and professional support services as well as a social enterprise, a parents and relatives resource centre, professional outreach service for residential care homes for persons with disabilities, school social work supervision service and other services. In total, there were twenty-six service units and around six hundred staff. In recent years, our service targets have expanded from people aged fifteen or above with intellectual or other kinds of disabilities to people aged six or above with intellectual or other kinds of disabilities.


The core values of our Agency depend on three constituents: (1) staff's professionalism and genuineness for the service; (2) agency's co-operative and supportive team spirit; (3) service users' and their family members' responsiveness and participation.


Going beyond our 40th anniversary of service, we will capitalize on our strengths and experience to cope with the challenge posed by the aging of our service users and to work for people with disabilities to be treated with respect, their rights to be protected, their quality of life to be enhanced continuedly, and their potentials to be developed to the fullest.





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