As an agency serving people with disabilities, we hope that they can develop their potentials and enjoy a social life of equal opportunities and full participation as much as allowed by their disability. We believe that the degree of their participating in the community on an equal basis with other people increases with the public's level of acceptance to them. In acting as a voluntary worker for our service users, people can not only help satisfy their needs but also become more informed of and more accepting to them.

We do not have any special requirements concerning age, education level or experience for a person to become our volunteer. So long as you are willing to serve disabled people voluntarily without a reward, you are welcome to join our volunteer team. Volunteers can help our service units to carry out indoor or outdoor activities, provide assistance to our large-scale programmes such as flag day, charity walk and sports day on the day they are held, accompany service users to see the doctor or take part in an activity, lead a course or an interest class, take up secretarial work and be a supporter to our service users in the role of a friend.

Those who are accepted to be our volunteers can get different service awards depending on the hours they have given for voluntary work.

If you are interested in becoming our volunteer, please complete the volunteer registration form (you can register as an individual or as a group) and fax it to us. For enquiries, please contact Ms. Sandy Ma at 2777 9039.