All the following publications are in Chinese.

Walking hand in hand: Support Manual for Carers of Mentally Handicapped People , by Wai Ji Mutual Support Network, 2007. Contents: Results of a survey on the stress and needs of carers of mentally handicapped people, self-care for carers, taking care of the body, mind and spirit of mentally handicapped people, rights of mentally handicapped people and social security

Preliminary training handbook for community living skills of mentally handicapped people , by Wai Ji Christian Service, 2005. Contents: Introduction, work skills, social skills and interpersonal relationships, community integration, self-development, leisure time, environmental protection

Walking through the days of late adulthood together : Handbook for taking care of ageing people with mental handicap , by Wai Ji Christian Service, 2004. Contents: Introduction, characteristics of mentally handicapped people and definition of ageing, ways and attitude in helping mentally handicapped people to cope with the problem of ageing, ageing and living, social and psychological changes, stress of carers and community support, case sharing

An Exploration of Violent Behaviour Among Mentally Handicapped People , by Wai Ji Christian Service, 2000. Contents: Views and opinions, different kinds of violent behaviour, prevention of violent behaviour, ways of handling violent behaviour promptly, questions and answers on punishment, general guidelines, examples.

An Exploration of Sex and Romance Among Mentally Handicapped People, by Wai Ji Christian Service, 2000. Contents: Views and opinions, introduction, curiosity for sex, masturbation, sexual abuse, getting along with the opposite sex, suggestions on sex education activities, suggestions on service unit practice, resources

Services for Adults with Mental Handicap in Hong Kong : Past Review and Future Directions , edited by Choy, Y.L. and Yeung, T.W., Chung Wah Books (HK) Ltd., 1997. Contents: empowerment, individual training programmes of day activity centres, new challenges for sheltered workshops, respite care service, community rehabilitation, arts for mentally handicapped people, etc.

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