1. Pre-school age services (0-6)
- nitial diagnosis at a maternal and child health centre or by a doctor
- more thorough assessment at a Child Assessment Service Centre
- referral by a social worker to the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services of the Social Welfare Department
- allocation of places of the services below according to the time of registration, age and level of disability:
  • early training centres
  • integrated programme in child care centres
  • integrated programme in kindergartens
  • special child care centres (some of them provide accommodation)
  • preparatory classes in special schools

2. School age services (6-15)
All children with intellectual disabilities can receive nine-year free education in an ordinary or special school under the placement of the Education Bureau. Some special schools provide accommodation to those who have a need for it.

3. Adult services (15 and above)
  • day activity centres
  • sheltered workshops
  • residential service
  • supported employment
  • vocational training
  • job referral
  • home-based training
  • adult education courses

4. Other services
  • occasional day care service
  • financial assistance
  • housing service
  • medical service
  • transportation service (e.g. rehabus)
  • recreational and sports activities
  • provision and maintenance of auxiliary equipment
  • speech therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • occupational therapy
  • clinical psychological service
  • integrated small group children home
  • home help service
  • parents resource centre
  • self-help parent groups