Day Activity Centre and Hostel Service
We have one stand-alone day activity centre, three day activity centres with hostels and one integrated rehabilitation services centre providing day activity centre and hostel service for people with moderate and severe intellectual disabilities. Day activity centres give training in motor functions, sensory functions, self-care, communication, housework and other areas. Besides, they provide service users with recreational programmes and help them take part in community activities for their integration into the community. Hostels provide service users with housing, health care, training in daily living and social skills, leisure activities, etc.

Service Units:
Day Activity Centre at Nam Shan
Day Activity Centre and Hostel at Po Lam
Bradbury Day Activity Centre and Hostel at Tin King
Day Activity Centre and Hostel at On Ting
Tseung Kwan O Integrated Rehabilitation Services Centre

Employment and Hostel Service
Our employment service provides for people with intellectual disabilities and people with former mental illness five kinds of employment service: sheltered workshops, integrated vocational rehabilitation services centre (IVRSC), supported employment, Direct Sales and Purchasing Service Project and "Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities through Small Enterprise" Project. Sheltered Workshop and IVRSC provide service users with job training so as to cultivate their work habits and increase their work ability. Supported employment finds true employment opportunities for the more able ones and provides them with follow-up support. Direct Sales and Purchasing Service Project and "Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities through Small Enterprise" Project are run by Wai Ji Hong Yip Co. Ltd. The former gives people with disabilities training in delivery and stock-keeping, and jobs through the sales and ordering service of goods. The latter provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities through small market-oriented enterprises so that they can enjoy the benefits of employment as ordinary people do. We have altogether two sheltered workshops, one IVRSC and one integrated rehabilitation services centre which provides employment service. They are all connected with a hostel to provide accommodation as well as training in daily living and social skills to service users with intellectual disabilities. Besides, there is a supported hostel which provides accommodation to people with intellectual disabilities who are capable of independent living with minimal assistance.

Service Units:
Mei Tin Integrated Rehabilitation Services Centre
House of Arts and Skills and Hostel at Long Ping
Sheltered Workshop and Hostel at Hor Ping
Sheltered Workshop and Hostel at Un Chau
Supported Hostel at Yuet Ping
Supported Employment Service
Wai Ji Hong Yip Co. Ltd.

Community Support Services
Our community support services consist of district support centre service, community rehabilitation support service, residential respite care service and adult education service. Our district support centre provides services for personal development and support, district-based networking and day care. With regard to personal development and support, training is rendered in the centre, in the living place of the trainee and in the community. Besides, there are recreational activities, groups and support for the caregivers. With regard to district-based networking, community education and community integrative programmes are organized in addition to development of a volunteer network and provision of information. With regard to day care, personal care provided either in the centre or in the living place of the service user is available during daytime. Community rehabilitation support service is a community-based supportive service for people living in the community, with intellectual disabilities or learning delays. Its goal is to help them stay in the community. The service items include drop-in service, recreational activities, book loan, adult education classes, volunteer/leadership training and counselling. Residential respite care service helps parents of people with intellectual disabilities to relieve the stress in caregiving. Adult education service organizes various courses to provide continuing education for the participants.

Service Units:
Yuen Long District Support Centre
Community Rehabilitation Support Service
Respite Care Service at Long Ping
Respite Care Service at Po Lam
Respite Care Service at Tin King
Respite Care Service at On Ting
Respite Care Service at Tseung Kwan O
Respite Care Service at Mei Ting
Adult Education

Professional Support Services
We offer three professional support services to our service users: physiotherapy service, occupational therapy service and clinical psychological service. Physiotherapy service aims at increasing the motor functions and physical abilities of service users through different kinds of exercise. Occupational therapy service aims at improving the various functional abilities of service users to their highest level of independence. Clinical psychological service provides counselling for service users with emotional or behavioural problems. The service covers case assessment, consultation, individual therapy, group therapy and so on.

Care and Attention Home Service
Our Tseung Kwan O Integrated Rehabilitation Services Centre includes a care and attention home for severely disabled persons. The home provides 24-hour service for persons with severe physical or intellectual disabilities who need nursing and intensive care, including accommodation, meals, daily living care, health care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, recreational activities and other auxiliary services (e.g. counselling, community education, volunteer service, parent activities).